Creating manual, direct links to run shared flows in Power Automate

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If you have a Power Automate premium (paid) plan, you have the option to share flows with “Run only users.” That allows users to execute your flow without exposing the underlying logic and connectors. Additionally, your flow can use the Manually trigger a flow trigger to collect user input before execution - a built-in, effortless form of sorts:

Screenshot of flow run screen, including flow name, owner, and a custom “Full Name” input parameter the user must specify before clicking Run flow

When you add users to “Run only users,” they receive an email with a button/link to run your flow:

Screenshot of an example email message Power Automate sends to users when adding them to “Run only users” - email includes a “Get Button” button with a direct link to the flow

If your requirements differ (examples: publishing a link to a shared flow on your website, sending custom email messages with links to your flow), you can manually construct a direct web link to run a shared flow with this syntax:{environment-id}/flows/{flow-id}/run

Your base URL may differ slightly, depending on the region your Power Automate instance resides.

The noteworthy part is the run component at the end. And of course, you must replace {environment-id} and {flow-id} with the real identifiers for your Power Automate environment and flow. Example:

Using links like these allow users to click and run your flows via the web interface (without the Power Automate mobile app, aka Flow Buttons).