Information about the Socorro High School (SHS) scholarship

Scholarship Description

The scholarship is designed to assist an eligible Socorro High School senior in covering the miscellaneous expenses associated with the first semester of college. This scholarship can only be used to cover expenses at a New Mexico institution of higher education (i.e. University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University, Eastern New Mexico University, etc.) The scholarship pays a one-time installment of $400 - $500 directly to the selected recipient upon verification of his/her enrollment at a New Mexico university or college.


Obtain an application in the Socorro High School counselor’s office in February of your senior year.


  • 2008 (Recipient: Agustin McCord)
  • 2009 (Recipient: Gaetano Stanzione)
  • 2010 (Recipient: Angelique Gutierrez)
  • 2011 (Recipient: Carlos McCord)
  • 2012 (Recipient: Angelina Stanzione and Sarah McLain)
  • 2013 (Recipient: Bryn Botko)
  • 2014 (Recipient: Tamera Chavez)
  • 2015 (Recipient: Charli Gonzales)
  • 2016 (Recipient: Savannah Rivera)
  • 2017 (Recipient: Casper Huang)
  • 2018 (Recipient: Brandon “Shawn” Dennis)
  • 2019 (Recipient: Samantha Hurtgen)
  • 2020 (Recipient: None - scholarship on hiatus)
  • 2021 (Recipient: Judith Lucero)
  • 2022 (Recipient: Kateri Zamora)
  • 2023 (Recipient: Colton Dow)